accupuncture facial

The acupuncture facial is a natural way to minimize the signs of aging. Ultra-fine needles are inserted into strategic points around the face and body to provide a treatment that is revitalizing and rejuvenating.

Facial points are chosen to address areas of concern—sagging eyelids or eyebrows, fine lines around the eyes or mouth, puffiness around the jawline. The needles increase the flow of blood and lymph to the face and stimulate collagen production, eventually minimizing any facial imbalances. Acne clears up, skin tone improves, eyes brighten and the body’s energy becomes harmonized.

The effects of acupuncture facial are not as dramatic as surgical procedures, but in some ways are more be profound since we are bringing the body into balance, and this clear energy is reflected in your skin. 

To achieve the full effects of The Acupuncture Facial procedure, a minimum of 10 weekly treatments is suggested (more if you are a smoker). After that maintenance treatments are recommended once a month.

The acupuncture facial is not for everyone. Certain conditions may prevent you from being a good candidate for this procedure. Contact Terry if you have any questions.

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