Cupping is one of my favorite techniques. I often describe it as a “reverse massage.” As a yoga teacher, and student, I have found cupping to be one of the most effective ways to relieve muscular stress and tension. I try and get cupped at least once a month.

The procedure is simple. Small round cups with a valved-top are placed on the skin and a pump is used to create a vacuum between the skin and cup, drawing the skin, sinew, and muscle up slightly, and producing a temporary local congestion. When the vacuum is released your blood, energy, and lymph flow more vigorously through the area, tension is released, you feel lighter.

Cupping is also effective in treating menstrual cramping and bloating, constipation and certain breathing conditions such as asthma or lung congestion.

**Cupping can leave round marks that look like bruises (this is considered an expression of “stuck energy” or qi being released). These marks usually clear within a few days.

Cupping is often used as part of an acupuncture session (especially if the main complaint is muscle fatigue or tension). You can schedule a treatment using just cupping – no acupuncture needles. Cupping is not appropriate for everyone.

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