Slaves to the Rhythm, Screenplay by Terry Connell


I decided to rewrite Slaves to the Rhythm as a screenplay because the book didn’t allow any space to really celebrate the work Stephan and I did with our dance company, The Next Generation Dance Theater

I submitted the screenplay to a few film festivals, not sure how an AIDS biopic, with a big dance element woven into the story, would be received. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback and support I’ve gotten for this project.

Awards received:

2016 Action on Film Festival: Best Alternative Screenplay, Screenplay Most Likely to be Produced
2016 New Hampshire Film Festival (Best Screenplay): Finalist
2017 Depth of Field International Film Festival: Best Drama
2017 Screenplay Festival: Finalist
2017 Budapest Film Awards (Screenplay): Silver Prize
2017 South Carolina Underground Film Festival: Finalist
2017 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest: Finalist
2018 LGBTQ Screenplay Contest: Finalist
2019 Shore Script Feature Screenplay Contest – Quarter Finalist