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Slaves to the Rhythm

When I started writing this book back in 1991, I thought I was marking a certain place in time, bearing witness the early years of the AID Sepidemic, when being HIV+was a death sentence, and a community stood helpless as their brothers and sisters fell.

Then my father sent me (and the rest of my family) a copy of our family tree. On my “branch,” there was no mention of my partner, Stephan. Five of the most important years of my life were edited out of our family’s past because of a man's faith, and fear, and I wasn’t going to allow it.

Now these have pages are my way of connecting to my family, and making sure our history is complete, honest. With this book, I bind my broken branch to our family tree–a branch full of incredible life, because it grew out of the same love that, connects us all.


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